About Us

The Portfolio seeks to bring about changes to the food supply chain by revolutionizing the ecosystem of the agricultural industry. We aim to achieve revolutionary new financing mechanisms in the agricultural industry through the implementation of an innovative concept and framework.

About Us

EMO Portfolio was formed by a group of successful and experienced entrepreneurs and businessmen from diverse industries. Each of our founding members are highly successful professionals and investor, bringing decades of experience to the portfolio. EMO Portfolio seeks to target agriculture supply chain provenance and traceability through implementation of smart farming and blockchain technology. By maintaining a single data source, blockchain minimizes the time-consuming requirements of bookkeeping and the hassle of managing multiple systems, saving a lot of time and effort to ensure an efficient and trustworthy agricultural industry chain.

Behind The EMO Portfolio Logo

The first leaf symbolizes: Hope
The second leaf symbolizes : Love
The third leaf symbolizes : Faith
The fourth leaf symbolizes : Luck

Today, the Four Leaf Clover of EMOP represent and embody our ideals of : Pioneering Change, Decisive Action, Benefitting Society and Achieving Prosperity

Corporate Philosophy
Our Mission
  • Providing high-tech solutions to professional agricultural producers through long-term partnerships.
Our Objectives
  • EMO Portfolio’s key objective is to create a business community where members collaborate in creating wealth for its members.
Management Philosophy
  • Excellence, Unwavering Faith, Clear Direction, Superior Results.
Our Core Value
  • With an extensive network of members coming from a wide spectrum of industries, EMO Portfolio's core value is to mitigate risks through consistent and reliable information sharing between members thus multiplying capital flow.