Director's Message

Since our inception, we believe there is no substitute to excellence. We have a very robust and stringent recruitment regime that ensures we work with only the best talents in the business as we are a client-focused company and are totally committed to following our time-tested investment principles, with the highest degree of integrity.

One of EMO Portfolio’s major goal is to revolutionize the agriculture industry and contribute to securing the global food supply for our future generation, through assisting agricultural companies to advance into the global market with their unique technologies and brands and creating a new capital flow. As a leading firm in the market, EMO Portfolio continues to be committed to providing the best and high value added services to its clients as a fair and diligent intermediary, bringing satisfaction to each and every EMO Portfolio member. Your kindest and unchanged support into the future will always be greatly appreciated.


Waheed UI Hassan was appointed as a fund director in early 2018. Prior to serving as a fund director, Mr. Waheed served as a market analyst, senior investment analyst and senior portfolio manager (agricultural product). He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Oxford, United Kingdom and a Ph.D. in Agricultural Physics Technology from the Indian Institute of Agriculture (IARI) in India.